Feeding 4 dogs

20180217_feeding 4 dogs_LR.jpg

When the triplets arrived I thought Mochi would eat their food but it is them who are crazy over Mochi’s food. I feed them separately and when they are finished they run to the other plate, which of course it is empty, but they always hope it is still full.


Cuando llegaron los trillizos pensé que Mochi se comería su comida pero son ellos los que se vuelven locos con la comida de Mochi. Les doy de comer por separado y cuando se terminan sus platos corren al otro plato que obviamente está vacío pero todos esperan que aun esté lleno.

One thought on “Feeding 4 dogs

  1. So funny, this could be my house. 3 of the 6 get cooked food, all in separate rooms. When they’re done, all 6 have to make sure there’s really nothing left.


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