Real pug problems

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The couch Mochi, it is always the couch.
Real pug problems 🙄
El sofá Mochi, es siempre el sofá.
Problemas reales de Mochi 🙄

Mochi’s growing family episode 6

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New episode of “Mochi’s growing family” is up! You can find it here:…/chal…/mochis-growing-family/list…
During this summer we will release a long comic every week. It is a continuous story one episode at a time.
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We are “157ofgemma” on webtoons and the series for the competition is called “Mochi’s growing family”


Un nuevo capítulo de “Mochi’s growing family” ya ha salido! Lo puedes encontrar aquí:…/chal…/mochis-growing-family/list…
Durante este verano vamos a publicar un comic largo a la semana. Es una historia seguida dividida en capítulos.
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Nos llamamos 157ofgemma en webtoons y la serie se llama “Mochi’s growing family” (la família de Mochi crece)

Mochi’s birthday

Mochi’s birthday is on August 11th. He is very lucky to have everything he needs so in stead of presents we want to encourage people to donate to any of our favorite rescues in Mochi’s name:

Susie’s Senior DogsFoster Dogs NYCAnimal Haven

We did a registry for the friends and family who asked for it, you can find it here and use code “Mochi” at check out:

Mochi Registry _ Dog & Co.

You can contact if you have any problems with the registry.

As you might now, we have an address where you can sent anything anytime so if you want to sent Mochi a birthday card you can do so here and he’ll be happy to get it:

POB 370397

Brooklyn, NY

Looking at the Twinches differently


This happened the other day and Mochi hasn’t been able to see @thetwinchis the same way every since!
Ésto pasó el otro día y Mochi no ha vuelto a mirar a @thetwinchis igual!


20180806_look what i have_ES_LR.jpg

Today Mochi thought he needed to create an excuse to get cuddles. He does not but I appreciate the effort 😂❤️
Esta mañana Mochi ha pensado que necesitaba crear una escusa para que le diese mimitos. Claramente no hacía falta pero valoro el esfuerzo 😂❤️

Macho man

20180801_pissing contest_LR.jpg

This morning a dog parent at the park was very impressed of how hard Mochi worked to prove he is the most macho in the park 😂
Esta mañana en el parque un hombre que paseaba a su perro se ha quedado muy impresionado de lo en serio que se ha tomado Mochi demostrar que es el más machito del parque 😂