12 thoughts on “BOOKS

  1. Hi! I would really love to get your book “mi Vida con mochi” for a friend of mine, but unfortunately she doesn’t speak Spanish at all. Any chance you’d know when an English version will be released? 😀
    Love your work ❤


  2. My 10 year old daughter absolutely adores “The Pug Who Ate The World”!! She reads it every night before bed and cracks up. It reminds us of our 16 year old pug, Murphy and our new baby Fiona who’s only 3 months old. We adore pugs and your book!


  3. Hi, I want to get this book on Argentina, I love Mochi & the Twinchis, is there a way beside Amazon Spain to purchase it internationally?


      1. Waiting for the english version. 🙂 Love your work! It’s exactly what our pug “Mighty” does. 😀


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