Is your dog so spoiled they are cononvinved they are human?

Does your dog have a bigger personality than most people you know?

Living with Mochi is about a daily life with a sassy, chubby, pug named Mochi. Based on the popular webcomic 157ofgemma, this book is filled with hilarious comics that every dog owner will relate to.

Available in English and Spanish

LIVING WITH MOCHI_cover LR     portada_mi vida con mochi_LR.jpg   



16 thoughts on “BOOKS

  1. Hi Gemma , I also have a pug , his name is mochi also !!!!!
    I really like you comics and books .
    By the way my name is Camila.


  2. I just purchased the spanish version to help me learn Spanish. So excited!
    Your work really makes my day brighter. Thanks ❤


  3. Hi! I would really love to get your book “mi Vida con mochi” for a friend of mine, but unfortunately she doesn’t speak Spanish at all. Any chance you’d know when an English version will be released? 😀
    Love your work ❤


  4. My 10 year old daughter absolutely adores “The Pug Who Ate The World”!! She reads it every night before bed and cracks up. It reminds us of our 16 year old pug, Murphy and our new baby Fiona who’s only 3 months old. We adore pugs and your book!


  5. Hi, I want to get this book on Argentina, I love Mochi & the Twinchis, is there a way beside Amazon Spain to purchase it internationally?


      1. Waiting for the english version. 🙂 Love your work! It’s exactly what our pug “Mighty” does. 😀


  6. Hi there,

    I’m in Australia and saw I a Video on Facebook of your dog and it made me so happy! I’m going through a breakup at the moment and my Little sausage dog and border collie (I fostered him) has honestly got me through it. Your drawings made me smile so much because it reminded me of my dogs!

    I really want to get a copy of your book but I can’t seem to find how to order it here in Australia? How can I go about ordering?

    Thank you for creating something that makes the world smile and laugh 🙂


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