How old is Mochi?

Mochi was born in August 2012 so he is now 4

What is your first language?

I am from Barcelona so my first language are catalan and spanish.

Does Mochi only understand english?

Mochi just understands catalan but if there is a treat around he can understand any language!

Is Mochi a boy or a girl?

He is a boy but many people think he’s a girl. I guess because he usually wears a purple harness and I use a lot of pink in my drawings but he’s a boy.

Where does the name Mochi come come from?

Mochi is named after the Japanese ice-cream called mochi. Because he is sweet and have a mochi fluffy texture. Also Mochi loved the name because he responded to it immediately the fist time we called him that.

You are doing a Horoscope series, are you going to do my sign?

Yes, I am doing all zodiac signs and I will be posting them when every sign starts so stay tuned!

Do you sell things, where can I buy them? Do you ship to my country?

You can buy everything online at https://society6.com. Once you have selected the item you want to buy the site will ask you to fill in the Shipping Information if you can select your country from the drop-down menu it means that it can be shipped to your country.

I love one of your drawings and I would like to get a print but I don’t see it in the store, can you add it?

Please send me an email to 157ofgemma@gmail.com with the drawing you like and I can add it for you.

Do you do custom drawings? Do you design tattoos?

I love doing custom drawings but unfortunately I can’t do it at the moment.

What software do you use?

Most of my drawings are just hand drawings scanned. Sometimes I adjust the contrast in photoshop. For the colored digital drawings I use photoshop or illustrator.

What pens do you use?

I use a black uniball vision fine and copic markers.