I couldn’t get close to my later dog Taca without getting all my face licked. Mochi, on the other hand, doesn’t give away kisses so easily, and when he does they are usually beyond awkward…I’d take a good eyeball lick over no kisses at all though lol.


G: Oh Mochi, Me quieres dar un besito?

G: Ah vale…sólo querías lamerme los ojos…

No me podía acercar a Taca, el perro que tuve antes de Mochi, sin que ma lamiese toda la cara. Mochi, en cambio, casi nunca da besos, y cuando los da siempre son la cosa más rara del mundo…De todas formas, bienvenidos son!

One thought on “Kisses

  1. Haha! Poppy is a generous licker and can often be found at my feet licking my toes. Lily, on the other hand… a lick from her is a very rare and precious thing and is always to be treasured and highly praised. Funny how different the two are.


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