Weird sleeping habits

20170123_under the blanket_LR.jpg

I am not sure if anyone will relate to this one because it looks super weird to me. Mochi likes to sleep completely under the duvet…for a very long time. I think he has never gotten out by himself because we always uncover him first…it is just too weird…


G: Lleva 10 minutos!! Es imposible que pueda respirar!

P: Se habrá desmaiado?

M: Te importa mami? Estoy intentando dormir!

No se si a alguien mas le pasa porque me parece super raro. A Mochi le gusta dormir completamente tapado…durante mucho rato. Creo que nunca ha salido por su propio pie porque siempre lo destapamos antes…es muy raro…

2 thoughts on “Weird sleeping habits

  1. My little black pug Milo is exactly the same way. He does it pretty much every morning just before sunrise and asks to have the covers lifted up so he can get in. Head first and his bum usually lands on top of my shoulder. I, too, shift the covers so that his head is partially exposed and like Mochi, Milo also gets annoyed with me.


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