Licking control


Mochi has a tendency to get infections in his paws and when he does, he is not supposed to lick them. The vet told me that since I am with him 24/7 he doesn’t need to wear a cone as long as I can keep en eye on him…so this is my life…


G: Mochi no te chupes la pata!

M: No chupo…

Mochi tiene tendencia a tener infecciones en las patas y cuando las tiene no tiene permitido lamerse la pata infectada. El veterinario me dijo que como estoy con Mochi todo el día no hace falta que le ponga la campana si lo vigilo…así que esto es mi vida…

2 thoughts on “Licking control

  1. Hi! I love all of your posts, congratulation for your work!!
    I would spend all my day checking your page! (Mochi is pretty similiar to my Brownie)
    Geraldine from Colombia 🙂


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