20160831_bathroom trips_LR.jpg

Poor Mochi can’t help but follow me anywhere even if he is very sleepy and he hates it


M: igual tendríamos que limitar nuestros viajes al baño a durante día…

Pobrecito Mochi me sigue todo el rato, aunque esté en coma y odie levantarse

2 thoughts on “BATHROOM TRIPS

  1. We recently lost our (MY) 14 yr. old pug Baby, she was the star of the show, much like your Mochi..I’ve always loved reading your “comics”- but much more lately because they are one of the few things that make me laugh since losing her..we were together 24/7..& you artwork captures exactly what its like to “be owned & loved” by a pug..(especially the sleeping on your true!) Thank you for helping me smile again..


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