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I’ve been very tired lately and didn’t know why…until I learned the reason why! Lately Mochi gets out of bed in the middle of the night and then decides he wants to go back in. He is perfectly able to get on the bed, he does it all the time DURING THE DAY, however at night he prefers to wake me up so I lift him up. Since I am super sleepy I almost don’t realize I keep lifting him up many times every night…I think it is time to get a doggy stair or something like that…

Have a great weekend!


“Mami, despierta!!!”

Últimamente he estado muy cansada y no entendía porque, hasta que descubrí la razón! Mochi se ha estado dedicando a bajar de la cama a media noche y después quiere subir. Mochi es perfectamente capaz de subir a la cama el solito, lo hace continuamente durante el día pero por la noche prefiere despertarme para que lo suba yo. Yo casi ni me entero porque estoy dormida y lo voy subiendo cada noche. Creo que ha llegado el momento de comprarle una escalerita o algo así…

Buen fin de semana!


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