New starving diet


This literally happened. I changed Mochi’s food and he seemed to like it better. With the previous food he would never finish a plate, he had food on his bowl during the day and he would eat whenever he was hungry. With this new food he finished his bowl every time but (I know now it’s not right) I was afraid he would get hungry later so I kept adding food. I wasn’t giving him much more than I gave him before but with the new food he would finish it up so he was eating much more. After a week I realized something was up, Mochi got much chubbier and pooped A LOT (“Mami do you really need to tell everything?!” “It’s ok baby”). I read the label and I realized I was giving him waaaay too much food. I felt very sorry because the amount that I am supposed to give Mochi is so little that Mochi looked at me like “Thank you for hating me, mami…”. Poor baby…


G: Ostras!! según esto te estoy dando demasiada comida!

M: Mami!! Esta dieta para morirse de hambre me parece fatal!!

Esto nos pasó hace poco. Cambié la comida de Mochi porque no le gustaba mucho. Con la comida anterior nunca se terminaba el plato, y yo siempre le dejaba comida todo el día para que nunca pasara hambre. Con la nueva comida se termina siempre el plato y igualmente (ahora veo que igual no era la mejor idea) le dejaba comida todo el día por si tenía hambre. No es que le estuviera dando mucha mas comida que antes, simplemente antes se dejaba comida y ahora no. Después de una semana Mochi estaba super gordito…Me paré a leer la etiqueta y vi que le estaba dando muchísima mas comida (pero MUCHÍSIMA) de lo que tocaba! Me dió mucha penita cuando ví lo poquito que le tenía que dar y Mochi me miró como diciento “Gracias por odiarme, mami…”. Pobrecito…


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